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​Contact Information:
​Don Myers 817-344-9812
Domingo Castineda 817-966-3368

Event History:
The Travel Sports Baseball World Series is the only Select Baseball World Series in Texas that has grown every year in team numbers. We cannot guarantee the number of teams in each division, but our history says it will always be bigger than last year! In 2017 we had 221 teams participate. The event has been based in Grapevine, Texas since 2010.
Entry Fee -
$795.00 (11u-14u) /  $695.00 (9u-10u)  /  $495.00 (6u-8u)
We will run an open gate and charge a set fee of $50 per player at team check in.
No players, coaches or fans will be charged to enter any of the facilities during the entirety of the event.
Compared to other area World Series events that charge $35-$45 per family member, this will save your team around $500 on team gate fees alone! We have a minimum of 10 paid gate fees per team, siblings on the same team pay only one gate fee.

Early Entry Discounts -
$350 discount prior to February 15th, 2018 (EXPIRED)
$250 discount prior to April 15th, 2018 (EXPIRED)
$100 discount prior to June 1st, 2018 (EXPIRED)

Live Streaming - 
All MAJORS DIVISION Championship games and select semifinal games will be livestreamed on the TSB Website

No qualyfying required:
Your team must meet our age/grade and classification requirements.

AA Division Requirements
AA Teams must be "AA" in all organizations when we draw the brackets.
Teams that participate in the AA Division will be required to have 4 or less AAA players and no Majors players. AA teams that have more than the allowed number of out of class players will be required to contact Travel Sports Baseball 10 days prior to the age divisions Opening Day to declare their "Open Status" and have their classification changed to AAA based on their roster and not the team’s current classification. One week prior to Opening Day of a team’s division, Travel Sports Baseball will confirm all team classifications into AA and Open divisions. Afterwards the pool schedules will be drawn and all classification changes outside of Travel Sports Baseball will not be considered. 

Championship Awards
Majors, AAA and AA Champions will receive Championship World Series rings, Championship shirts (Maj), Championship team banner and World Series team award. 
(Runners-up will receive player World Series rings and team award)

(Consulation brackets winners and finalist will recieve player plaques, Team banner and team plaque)

Opening Day

The skills and drills contest is optional for each team and will require prior registration, teams will be assigned times to compete. Dinger Card/pin trading and team pictures will take place at Oak Grove Park 5pm-7pm prior to the Opening Ceremonies. Teams are encouraged to bring a picnic, shade tents and enjoy the lake. Fireworks provided by Grapevine area merchants should begin about 9pm.

Teams are encouraged to show up early and set up shade tents and "picnic" areas, we are located just a few hundred feet from the shore of Lake Grapevine.
Opening day we will have a variety of food trucks and baseball equipment vendors attending the event.

World Series Tee's and Pin Towels
Tee's and Pin Towels will be available at opening days ceremonies..

Skills Competition
Friday 12pm-6pm (Teams will be assigned times to participate)
Around The Horn sponsored by Top Prospects Academy
The ball starts at pitcher and progresses C-3B-2B-SS-1B-C. Time starts and ends on the catcher
(6 Players per squad, teams can enter 2 squads) 
Home Run Derby sponsored by Dbat Midtown
Up to 3 players from each team will get 10 swings from pitches thrown by their own coach. Teams will supply their own regulation baseballs.
(Teams participating in the skills contest must be present at the Friday evening opening ceremonies)


Dinger Select Player Trading Cards
This year Travel Sports Baseball  and Dinger Select Trading Cards will be kicking up the fun! Grab your 2018 Dinger Cards and trade at the upcoming 2018 World Series. Get in on the fun and lasting memories of your very own personalized trading card. Click here to learn more

Steelberry Trading Pins
Pin trading has become one of if not the most popular activities to take place during the World Series. SteelBerry Pins is dedicated to creating award winning team pins for you at low prices. As a division of SteelBerry Inc you can be confident our lapel pins are of the highest quality, our production time to be fast and our service to be incredibly helpful. Call 866-727-9811 or visit


Team Check-in and Coaches Meeting

Thursday, June 21st (even age) and  June 28th (odd age) at 7:00 PM 
Coaches meeting/Rules and Q-A/Team Check
Address: The Rec 1175 Municipal Way, Grapevine, TX 76051

Late Check in for qualifying travel teams Friday, June 22nd (even ages)  and June 29th (odd ages) at 1:30 PM (see qualifications below)

Address: Oak Grove Park Plaza 2200 Oak Grove Loop S, Grapevine, TX 76051

-All teams are required to have a coach attend the Coaches meeting on Thursday evening. Do not bring players to the meeting/team checkin. 
The only exceptions are travel teams that have fulfilled their hotel stay requirement for their entire team, their check in will be Friday at 1:30pm. NO OTHER TEAMS WILL BE ABLE TO CHECK ON FRIDAY!
Travel teams choosing the hotel buyout will be required to attend the meeting Thursday evening. 

Teams not attending the coaches meeting AND team check in will be taken out of the schedule and all fees will be forfeited. No exceptions.

What will you need to bring?
(1) A printed Copy of your Travel Sports Baseball roster (DO NOT BRING A USSSA ROSTER). Log into your Travel Sports Baseball TourneyTeams account and click "Print Roster". Be sure to drop any players that will not be playing during the World Series. You will have to pay a gate fee for each player listed on your roster., you will not be able to "scratch out" players.
(2) Cash for your gate fee, we will not accept checks or credit cards due to problems in previous years. The gate fee will be $50 per player, we will not provide any change please bring the exact amount!
(If you do not have your printed roster and team gate fee you will not be permitted to check in. We will not have a printer available to print rosters, you will have to bring one with you)

What will you not need to bring?
(1) Verifying age/grade documents. These will need to be with you during the entire event while playing. Directors can and will randomly check teams throughout the event and during protest. BC and grade cards are not neccesary to check in.
(2) Players. Do not bring players to team check in.


Pool Play, Bracket Play and Seeding for the World Series Tournament
All divisions will be seeded based on their Travel Sports Baseball team points composite score (Power Ranking). Teams will be scheduled 3 pool play games on Saturday and Sunday. Based on the results of pool play in each division teams will be seeded into the World Series double elimination style tournament that will play Monday and Tuesday. We will split brackets in the Open division adding a AAA division and consulation brackets if the number of teams in a single bracket excedes  the acceptable and safe number of games that can be completed in 2 days. There will be NO "if" game.

Hotel Requirements for teams outside of a 100-mile radius
Teams that are based outside of the "local team area" will be required to stay at one of the Host Hotels inside of Grapevine and book their rooms through Travel Sports Baseball Group Housing. A minimum of 7 rooms will be required for the entirety of the event. Teams not meeting the hotel requirement will have to pay a "hotel buyout" of $400 in addition to paying the full entry fee.

Opening Day/Team Check in Itenerery

Team Checkin-
Thursday 7:00 PM Coaches meeting/Rules and Q-A
Thursday 8:00 PM Team Check - The Rec
Friday 1:30 PM Late Checkin for Travel Coaches - Oak Grove Park Plaza

-All teams are required to have a coach attend the Coaches meeting on Thursday evening. The only exceptions are travel teams that have fullfilled their hotel stay requirement for their entire team, their check in will be Friday at 1:30pm. Travel teams choosing the hotel buyout will be required to attend the meeting Thursday evening. Teams not attending the coaches meeting AND team check in will be taken out of the schedule and all fees will be forfeited. No exceptions.

Friday 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Skills Contest - Oak Grove Park Baseball Fields

-The Skills Contest is not a requirement for the World Series, teams will be asigned times/locations to compete

Friday 6:30 PM DJ/Music/Games/Domingo/pin trading - Oak Grove Park Baseball Fields

Oak Grove Park Baseball Fields
Friday 8:00 PM Stage teams for team march
Friday 8:15 PM Team March - Oak Grove Park Baseball Fields
Friday 8:30 PM Opening Ceremonies - Oak Grove Park Baseball Fields
Friday 8:45 PM Organizational awards/Scholorships awarded/Skills Contest Winners
Friday 9:00 PM Singing of the National Anthem/First pitch
Friday 9:30 PM Fireworks presented by The Gaylord Texan

Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM will be Pool Play

Monday and Tuesday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM will be the World Series double elimination tournament.