"We’re going to treat each other right"

Our policies are in place to insure our customers get their maximum value and that Baseball USA Events doesn’t absorb the teams cost associated with adverse weather conditions and acts of God.
All tournaments entries are complete when the event fee has been paid. Unpaid entries are not guaranteed entry to the tournament.
If you submit a withdrawal form below at least 7 days before the start date of the event other than the World Series, a full credit will be available. This allows us time to plan for the event without last minute cancellations.
If a team starts 1 game a 60% credit will be available. If a team starts 2 games a 20% credit will be available. If the event is cancelled prior to the tournament starting, a 100% credit will be available.
Teams will use the online form below to apply credits towards a future event. Upon registering for an event a team’s credit is not automatically applied, the form must be filled out after you register into the tournament.
Credits can be used for any Baseball USA event fees.
Due to the increased administrative cost associated with issuing refunds and updating team accounts a 15% fee will be deducted from any actual refund. Baseball USA Events host weekly events giving teams ample opportunities to utilize their fees/credits without creating the additional cost of issuing checks, updating accounts, processing online credit card refunds or absorbing any fees. Fees charged by our credit card processor are not available for credit or refund.