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Odd Ages Skills Competition Schedule
Skills Competion
Infield Around the Horn:
Each team gets two (2) attempts. 
Pitcher will start from the pitching position.
Clock will start when he releases the ball.
The Pitcher will throw to the catcher.
The Catcher must step on Home Plate and then throw to 2nd Baseman
The 2nd Baseman must step on 2nd Base and then throw to the 1st Baseman.
The 1st Baseman must step on 1st Base and then throw to the 3rd Baseman.
The 3rd Baseman must step on 3rd Base and then throw to the Shortstop.
The Shortstop must step on 2nd Base and then throw to the Catcher.
Once the Catcher receives the ball and steps on Home Plate the clock will stop.
Six (6) players per team will be allowed to participate.
Team Home Run Derby:
Each team will be comprised of three players.
Each player gets four (6) outs. 
Team provides pitcher and balls.
Anything not hit over the fence/home run line in fair territory is an out.
Any pitched ball not swung at is an out.
Once the batter is in the batters box the pitcher cannot take warm up pitches. All warm up pitches must be before the batter gets in the box.
Fastest Man:
Each contestant will start at home plate with their lead foot on the plate. Time will start on the official’s mark. The contestant will run the bases with time stopping when the contestant crosses the plate. Each contestant will get 1 attempt.
In the event of a tie, TSB points rankings will be used as the tie breaker in any skills contest.


Thursday –
6:30 PM mandatory coaches meeting/dinner and team check in. (The Rec, Grapevine)

Friday –
All teams at Oak Grove Park in Grapevine
1:00 PM – 6:00 PM Skills Contest/Pin-Card Trading (ALL FIELDS)
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Opening Ceremonies (FIELD H)

Saturday –
Pool play begins

Sunday –
Pool play continues

Monday –
Bracket play begins

Tuesday –
Bracket Play continues

Wednesday –
Semifinals and Championships